The girl who blogs.....

The girl who blogs.....
Sep 9, 2009

8 Things About Me

Posted by Quintessence Of Illusion

My First im quite excited......Thanks a lot Sammy for being the first one to tag me

8 TV shows I love to Watch

1.Any show on Animax (i am a big time anime freak)
6.One Tree Hill
7.Vampire Diaries

8 Favourite Places to Eat

1.Afraa(My most favourite place ever)
2.Arsalan....Park Street 1(with my friends ,the biryani tastes even more delecious)
3.Kaafila(as i prefer moghlai dishes)
4.Delicious momos available outside the Rabindrasadan metro station
5.Nizams near New Market(for its delicious rolls)
6.Peter Cat(Chelo Kebabs are an all time favourite)
7.Parantha Gali of Chandi Chowk,New Delhi
8.Little Italy....because I love I-talian


1.Took Operation Research and Operating System exams

2.Had to Prepeare For Automata and Microprocessor but still sat down with Anna Karenina by Toltsoy..........(i am reading it for the second time...but still loving it)

3.Tried to cheer up my friends by telling them about my newest blank verse

4.Tried to climb up my collge's boundary but was unsuccesful

5.Kept on thinking and thinking for quite a long time(don't know about what)

7.Got drenched in the rain ........and started jumping(in the literal sense) around my campus.......splashing water on evryone........and kept scaring people by poking them with my umbrella

8.Composed a new song with my band.

8 Things I look forward to

1.Some time for myself
2.A little more sleep
3.A lot of excitement in my life
4.A lot more peace
5.Reading something(anything)
6.Scare and confuse people more than I usally do
7.Scuba-diving and bunjee jumping
8.To do crazy stuff

8 Things I love About Winter

1.The Cold dry weather
2.Smell of Nolen Gur
3.Warm blankets
4.A lot of laziness
5.Lot of reading and writing while sipping a hot cup of coffee........wrapped up in a blanket
6.Christmas and Christmas carols(after being in a convent school for 14 years.........I really miss the cookies,cakes,carols and christmas celebrations)
7.Less pimples(lol)
8.Smell of Coffee

8 Things on my Wishlist

1.Being a Wizard and writing My very own book of spells
2.Getting to work with something related to Art ,Music or Fashion
3.Having Super-powers
4.Being more evil (Like the Pure Evil types)
5.Being more and more knowledgeable with every passing second
6.Set out on a world tour
8.I figure I have a good shot at having my poetry whipped out at my funeral - great stuff here for the Eulogy: Gonna call my first poetry book - “Things to Read After I Bite It”

8 Things im Passionate About


8 Phrases or words that I Use very often
3.........(that means that better figure it out)
7.guess so

8 Things I learned From My past

1.Life is good.......and people even better........
2.Edward Cullen cannot be a real life character(sigh)
3.Im much better than I expected myself to be
4.I surprise myself(at times even shock myself)
5.To love one's self is the beginning of a life-long romance
6.The first sin in our universe was Lucifer's self conceit.
7.My family never reads my poetry
8.The flabby wine-skin of his brain, Yields to some pathologic strain, And voids from its unstored abysm ,The driblet of an aphorism

8 Places I Would Love to go or Visit or See

1.The Vatican City

8 Things I currently Need or Want

1.Some good books
2.Sleep and rest(im too exhausted)
3.A little bit of excitement
4.No more Identity Crisis
5.Supernatural powers
6.A book of spells
7.A little less confusion
8.Some new Ideas

8 People to Tag

Anyone who wants to get tagged............please feel free to post this......................

aaaaahhhhh................writing about oneself is too difficult


Samadrita said...

Lol nicely done.But I forgot to tell you something.I named the tag post '8 Things About Me' but you can name this anything you want. :)

Anonymous said...

sighhh...girls and animes...personally i feel american superheroes are way cooler...

nice post though....but trying to climb the boundary of ur colg isnt a very sensible thing...there are openings called gates for that purpose....

Atindriyo said...

indeed !

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

hahahha.............but climbing up a wall is indeed adventerous

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

n yeah i tolally agree wid ya dat American Superheroes are serusly cool.....but ya cant compare anime heroes wid em........i mean bth o em r vry diffrnt

Manju said...

lol i love splashing around in puddles too ^^
thank for following hun