The girl who blogs.....

The girl who blogs.....
Aug 15, 2010

A Story Without a Name.....

Posted by Quintessence Of Illusion

It was a necessity in His heart that He think about her. His hearts affection, which created the heart and everything around it thought it complete perfection to create a story an intimate story in which she would live, move, and breath smile, dance and laugh before dancing and laughing had even been born. It was in her life that these beautiful things would be setinto motion and His vision that would see that they would arrive at the purpose His heart dreamed for her.

He knew her before He wrote her into the pages of this epic, He toiled with the ease of a breath the goodness that and would shine every time she smiled.The desires of her heart preordained by the hands of
Her unknown Author. The curiosity of her mind crafted around the intricate surroundings the Author made for her.Why did He do all of these things? Because He could,because He delighted in art a Divine expression that had never been put into such eloquent words.

The story was an interesting one for it was a progression a ball set rolling down the hill gaining momentum but not choosing the direction, so He gave her choice. He sighed as He created choice, the ultimate ending to a story hardly even started. Freedom in bondage in the same word.Hope and conflict wrapped in every moment lived outin this intimate story by the hands of choice. A fragile gift in the hands of this inexperienced creation; choice would become the very intangible hand that would turn the page.

How delicate a beauty He created her with. In the image of Him but flawed to show the perfection of the Author. She had the capacity to life in its full,but chose less often, because her heart was always searching for something greater. Little did she know her life was wrapped up in the pages of this novel and the Author was her true love. He created her, because He delighted in her. He did so not because He needed her,but because in the depth of this Author there was a desire to be wanted, needed, and chosen. And she would
all those things in time, her time, and His.

The book itself, a romance. A daring romance lived in the pages of the present. It all lead to the ending, but
one simply did not hop to the end. She certainly did not have that choice. It consisted in the journey, in fact "Itwas all about the journey." This journey that would for eternity be traveled and lived, this journey that had a destiny and ending. In the ending the story truly started and the Author and the beauty would enjoy for all time, all time that this choice lead her gracefully into.

What would a romance be without the hero that would sweep her off her feet? In all honesty, he was a filler, a means to pursue the beauty inside this story He had so carefully written. He was the hands inside of the Author's intimate story, so naturally He created him in His image. He even made him first, so that when beauty stepped into this world of His she would have someone who would be so instantly captivated by her beauty and His creation. The Author found no need to create heroic traits of this leading man, because in
creating him like Him, he would indeed be a reflection of what it truly meant to be a hero, and so much more.

It was a dance in this story, this world and everything in it.Sometimes life would take her by the waist and spin her and lead her every which way, until He would ever so politely ask to cut in, then He take her in His arms and would move together in perfectly imperfect steps. Little did she know, by getting to know the hero was she experiencing a fraction of the One who loved her so much. Therefore the hero's role in this romance was not ultimately to sweep her off her feet but to point her to the Author who could truly make her weak at the knees.

Jul 8, 2010

Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes

Posted by Quintessence Of Illusion

First time when i saw this tag i thought maybe its some kind of test to find out if people are bisexual or apart...i just loved the idea and fun quotient of this tag.For the 1st time i have things to write as in my non-fanciful and oxymoronic views(as know cares about them this is a great opportunity for me to vent them out in public-and you are free not to read them).
Anyways Thanks to My friend Samadrita for tagging me(i have many similarities with you regarding this gender stereotype thing)...

Well now let me begin...My unfeminine side has been mistaken to be my quirkiness quite a number of times(im not starting a debate regarding that) it goes as...

1.I hate PINK-the colour makes me feel nauseatic.Dont know why, but my eyes start aching whenever i see it....i just have 2 pink tees and those were purchased by my mom(as i cant throw them they only add colour to my cupboard)and pink dolls???? dont gimme nightmares now...

2.I have climbed up trees,broken window panes in my "Batsman-mode" ,tried my luck as a soccer player with my locality guys,a brown-belt holder in karate,played pranks on evryone possible,had an inherent potential to irritate a person to death(which im currently trying to bloom by practicing rigorously on you readers).In short i was a menace and a pain-in- the -posterior for most of my neighbours,friends and relatives.

3.I love romcoms(You have got Mail and A Lot Like Love tops the list),but at the same time i love action and mafia movies too..From Godfather to Terminator i love them all...
Punchline:Sometimes even if you are mesmerised with words like felicity and get fascinated everytime when Darcy is about to propose Elizabeth,you can still go under the

4.I never enjoy romantic novels...(psst...lemme tell you a secret ive never read a single mills and boons crap...)I hate perfect men,who bore girls to death with thier-" i dont check out other girls","you are my dream girl",candle-light dinners(most of the people accidentally eat flies beacuse of the prevailing darkness) and red roses(im allergic to roses...aaccho)...and behave like puppy dogs in those novels...
*Come on guys grow up*

5.Being a girl i have some basic feminine traits like...i love applying kohl and lip gloss...but i hate make-up(infact i dont even know how to apply make-up)....i fail to understand the concept of painting ones face with
green,orange,blue and what not(Even Marilyn Manson would get complex seeing these people)....its high time you girls realise its not halloween...and if you really cant do without it just drop in your resume at Ram Gopal Vermas people really need him...or maybe he needs people like you as he makes movies like Agyaat,Aag and Phoonk.

6.I hate accessories of any kind(execpt for watches...i never go out without wearing a watch...but dont get a false impression that im punctual and never late...)right from earings to bangles i dislike them always in awe and astonishment when i see girls/women wearing heavy,suffocating jewellery...i mean whats the point in torturing oneself like that...Take for example social gatherings.....all the aunties literally exhibit thier jewelleries to indicate thier husbands income...*how can people be so silly*...i think instead of flaunting thier PC Chandra collection they should try and find out if their husband's female-assistants have similar ornaments(no offence...but this works).

7.When it comes to music my preferences differ from my other not fond of pop(except for certain bands and singers...though they are few in number)...i swear by rock.....i just keep listening to Pink Floyd,GnR,Black Sabbath,Nirvana etc most of the times...though i dont like metal at the same time(except for progressive and goth)...Most of the pop songs dont interest me much and death metal stuff gives me migrane attacks..i once fainted while listening to Sepultura and once had a 7 days migrane attack after listening to Cannibal Corpse and Six feet under....i dont understand why do these people shout and scream so much.....and one personal question to them-"Do you people have dogs for lunch????? if not stop barking"
PS:I have no intentions of hurting people who love metal.Its your choice...But this is my blog...i can write anything i want.

8.Next i am not scared of lizards,spiders,cockroaches and stuff like that...Because i love insects...i used to pet grasshoppers and spiders when i was a kid...The point is whats there to be scared of those little innocent shouting and jumping we scare them intead and those tiny beings run helter-skelter..moreover they can never eat us up...instead South-Asian people eat them up...So next time you see a cockroach just contemplate on who is eating whom...

9.Im not fond of kids...infact whenever i see kids,i bully them by pinching them and snatching their toys...and even if im not troubling them they dont like me much...they end up complaining their moms about me...what the me im innocent.....*makes an innocent face*

10.I Love computer games....NFS,Freelancer and Prince Of Persia have been my favourite a consequence ive damaged my pc....with its hard-disk crashing,OS malfunctioning and many other it has found its place in our kitchen tell you the truth ive developed this interest beacause i have the most horrendous net connection anyone can ever have.

So finally im done...I Can hear loads of "Thank God its over" sighs...Sit back...relax now...

May 12, 2010

Hail O' Strange Times

Posted by Quintessence Of Illusion

                                            Wodehouse and His Fine Cows

The point about todays British general election is we missed it.If anything,it was like the cows waning "audience appeal" so entertainingly described by PG Wodehouse in his Blandings series on that fluffy-minded,pigloving peer,Lord Emsworth."It was a fine cow,as cows go,but,like so many cows,it lacked sustained dramatic interest"

So too the British general election.It was a fine election,as elections go,but like so many elections,it lacked dramatic interests,for India,because modern day Britishers dont bomb cities,nor do they interfere in nations and thier affairs,nor do they trouble people with immoral policies.What makes Indians fluffy-minded about British politics is a million-dollar question.I guess we regard Britian as too tiny,formal imperial power and hence boring.....maybe something of that sort.

Punchline 1:Wodehouse who conveyed a certain idea of England,is still to capture the         faded,cabbage roses and cribbage essence of Englishness,to us Indians,so that Britian can compete with Americas entartaintment quotient.
                2.It is in Indias interest to know more about 21st century Britian than half-remembered passages from Wodehouse and rude one-liners on how continental people have sex lives but the English have hot-water bottles.

                                             The Rich Poor Blame Game

We live in interesting times.Till few days back newspapers and tv channels were full of Mayawati's high denomination garlands,huge pay-scales for young executives,and MPs deciding thier own salaries.Now getting a fix on yours neighbours income is becoming as tricky as finding out the true owners of an IPL franchisee.People are acting uncannily.They not only pretend to be either richer or poorer than they are (which is understandable),but sometimes(and this is infuriating)claim to be broke while suggesting that they are very rich.Their anguish is synthetic,its an ersatz melancholy.Consider this:"The wife said,my three-month-old BMW needs a coat of paint.I Told her ,i dont have a dime to paint the whole thing with."In my social jigsaw,these are the people who dont fit.And in contrast there exist people who are deprieved of the basic living proper food and source of income.Result-A large number of people joining the Mao-army.Maybe we deserve nothing better than this

Punchline 1:India is a poor country where rich people live.
                  2.India is a developing nation where people are against development.