The girl who blogs.....

The girl who blogs.....
Dec 24, 2011

Of The Celtic Graves......

Posted by Quintessence Of Illusion

Of Death,Of The Dead and life Beyond of the subjects that il never be bored of.So these are few of the clicks from my cemetry trips.

Lower Circular Road Cemetry

(Park Street Cemetry)

Jun 5, 2011

Le Crépuscule.....

Posted by Quintessence Of Illusion

I could never tell light from dark too well,

Never could shade the exact colour where the black strokes would fade to nothingness in my sketchbook...

Shadows always fascinated me for their beautiful travel of light through the rings of penumbra,
Then on to nothing....again.

Didn't you have a wind-chime, that cast a playful,seductive shadow on the walls of the balcony as it tinkled and danced...the shadows that seemed to exude the music of the winds more than the tangible, colourful instrument itself?Didn't you touch its shadows and play your fingers along the restless edges...

Sometimes the light was nothingness...and would be...the darkness.And sometimes...something entirely different.

There is a painting of mine,from when I was 10.It now hangs in a corner of my room,literally cobwebby.It portrays this girl sitting in semi-darkness, her knees folded to her chin.The thing about the painting is the very technical flaw in it.Instead of appearing that one half of her being is illuminated, it seems like one half,the other half, is bathed in an eerie blue blackness.

Yes, I always was a little disarrayed about the very basic concept of light and dark.

Still am...

I still don't know whether every mind is originally pure and is vulnerable to being consumed by darkness.Or whether it is basically a dark room with a desperate calling for enlightenment.

Or whether THAT is the very basic difference between the good and the bad.
But then...we're all same.Eventually.
If the Light is the Destiny of the Dark and the Dark is the Light's Fate...we're all same.
Nothing matters.

It's the same boat.Take it or leave it.

At the end of the're alive.The boat is Noah's Ark.You've just eluded the tantalizingly fickle end.Each day is 2012.
And being good as opposed to bad isn't so important on this ark.

We're all an impossible, unfathomable being.Sometimes darker than the deepest wells, sometimes brighter than sunshine, and sometimes...a tinkering shadow on a windswept wall.

As for me,I have to be neither good nor bad.Just the effervescent me.That's my lesson.

Courtesy---dream diary!