The girl who blogs.....

The girl who blogs.....
Nov 12, 2013

Addiction Or Redemption?

Posted by Quintessence Of Illusion

There's just enough truth in the travesty to allow one to sympathise
There's glitter sprinkled on the floor dropped by the glittering fireflies.
Insomnia  has never been fond of Daydreamers like myself
On the table lies glittering memories, arranged in a row
Corrupted by despair, tormented by human cruelty, seeking salvation in a kind of simple good-heartedness .
Haunting nightmares  with unsettling twists of logic, symbolism and night and thoughts sometimes add up to nothing more than confusion.
From self-inflicted addiction, to a holy premonition ,spun  with the meanderings of a handful of fictitious nobodies 
Experiencing lucid dreams ,too thirsty to drink, once bitten, twice shy.
There  is fiction with friction, jaggedness, juice, and those of us who have made our way beyond reality
I will externalize my consciousness, to set it down in words.
Defeating our demons, is beautiful to behold ,the irritability never relents
Divine intervention or  diabolic redemption?
Bluntness is a misdirection that underlines the depth of my empathy 
The process of mentally freeing myself from an insidiously limiting self-mythology.

Can you keep a secret my love ?
Come closer, let me tell you
Let me press my finger to your lips,
Let my lips brush your ear,
Let me whisper what you already know,
But I know you long to hear.

You should not expect a conventional emotional catharsis, as it would violate my forlorn sense of life as a maddening puzzle with little solution.