The girl who blogs.....

The girl who blogs.....
Mar 9, 2009

Writz's Moronic Theories

Posted by Quintessence Of Illusion

1.Life is all about being in the Invisible mode
2.The Phrase i am Possible was discovered by someone impotent
3.Sinusitis is a modern day bliss
4.Something worth taking seriously is worth making fun of
5.Screwing up makes a perfect man
6.He who is a lunatic is actually the most possible normal person on earth.
7.We all are programmed to react the we do way ,there will surely be an anti-programme to this,like matter to an ani-matter,dark to light and white to black
don't be a loser always,think on it,and decide ..for yourself.
8.The most strange question on earth is "HOW?".....because how is actually a dyanamically static and statically dyanamic question
9.There is not much difference between real and unreal.....real is actually the most unreal thing and unreAL is what that real is made up of
10.Our existence is an illusion may be that we dont exist in reality.....and thats where it gives rise to Surrealism


Sayandeep Kundu said...

life is a light that has made the darkness of death darker.. a death of life can not ignore the life of death....